Banishing dark circles!

Okay, we all know that sleep is SUPER important for a flawless complexion and is also the secret to fighting off those pesky dark circles.

But, if you’re a night owl like me (and you often find yourself staying up late) or you’re in school pulling an all nighter, here are some tips to fake that “wide-awake” look.

Invest in a tone corrector.
PhotoA tone corrector palette (or even some concealer palettes) usually comes with these four colors – pink, yellow, green, and blue. It’s used to contrast the colors existing on your face already.

Quick art lesson – Color theory:
Green is the opposite of Red (counteracts redness). Orange is the opposite of Blue (counteracts dark circles). Yellow is the opposite of Purple (also counteracts dark circles).

For my dark circles I mixed the pink and yellow colors to make a “light orange” or “skin-like color” and applied this prior to applying my concealer.

The one I use is from e.l.f (eyes. lips. face.) and it only cost me $3! I picked this one up at my local Target, but you can purchase it from their website as well or any other beauty stores that carry e.l.f. products.

Invest in a good concealer targeting dark circles.
300 (1) It’s important to purchase a concealer that is meant for dark circles/under-eye area because they usually have added properties in them that are meant for that delicate area.


This way, it’s not just covering up, but helping the area as well. You’ll start to see less noticeable dark circles with frequent use. You don’t have to break your bank account either because the drug store brands have improved tremendously throughout the years.

I’ve used both the Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser and the Garnier Dark Circle Roller. I highly recommend both products because they work equally as well. Whichever one you end up choosing depends on your brand preference. The Maybelline one is less expensive and it also comes in more shades. The Garnier one comes in a fair/light shade and a medium/deep shade. Both have added properties to help awaken the under eye area.

I use these concealers everyday (interchanging between the two) and I use the tone corrector for those days where I barely got sleep the night before. See which one works for you – but remember to get SLEEP!

How do you get rid of your dark circles? Is there one brand you prefer over the other?

Good luck & Stay Maganda! ❤


Tip of the Day: Changing your BB Cream

For those of you who never tried BB Cream because of the limited skin tone colors available, there are ways around it.

A little background: The reason why BB Cream comes in limited colors is because of its origin and where it is popular today. BB Cream was developed in Germany and then became highly popular throughout Asia, where skin tones are fairly light for the most part. BB Cream is supposed to oxidize to match any skin tone perfectly, if not closely.

For darker skin tones, BB Cream probably won’t oxidize to that point of matching the skin tone perfectly and may leave a gray cast, but no worries!

There are several ways to fix this:

  1. You can mix your BB cream with a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation that is your skin tone, just enough to tint the cream.
  2. Set your BB Cream with a powder that is your skin color
  3. Use bronzer over your face after you apply the BB Cream
So go ahead and try BB Cream! If you don’t want to shell out so much money at first, buy cheap samples from Ebay so you can try this technique before you commit to a full size.

Good luck & Stay Maganda! ❤