Back to basics: Polka Dot Dress

It’s been a while since I’ve added posts to the “Back to Basics” category so here we are again with a new addition: Polka Dot Dresses

Here I paired it with a skinny belt to define the waist and black tights because it’s cold today in NY. The scarf is just an added flair.

For those of you who think you can’t wear one, you’re thinking too much into it. Polka dots (unlike stripes) look good on anyone because it’s a simple, small, subtle design that’s added to a plain piece.

The reason why this dress would be considered a basic is well, it’s a dress. It’s only one piece that you ladies can slip on and be out the door! It’s perfect for when you’re rushing in the morning or suffering from morning blues, or you’re just stuck on what outfit to wear.

The completed look: black pumps, black cardigan, statement earrings.
Makeup: basic black eyeliner, matte rose lipstick, brows filled, matte face.

I’m wearing this outfit at work. It’s a corporate office with a “business casual” dress code. However, business casual doesn’t mean sacrificing basic, yet fashionable pieces!

What’s your go-to basic attire? Share it in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

Stay Maganda<3


Where have I been?

So during my hiatus not too much has changed, but I did make some new major purchases and have new styles due to the fall season. Let’s see….

Well, I cut my own hair which I’ve been doing for over a year now. Now I have bangs!

This look was cut & styled by yours truly.
The glasses were purchased from Style Suzi’s online store.  These have become my favorite accessory ever since I got them in the mail (about 2 weeks ago).
I usually rock bangs during colder months because my face doesn’t get as oily due to the drier air so the look is more low maintenance.

Here’s my OOTD from yesterday.

I actually wore my hair down the entire day, this was taken at the end of the day where I usually just throw my hair up in a messy bun.
Still cute though, huh? ~.^
I paired this look with a hooded leather jacket and my favorite wedge sneakers (see below).

These sneakers came sometime towards the end of last month. They resemble the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, and in my opinion they are pretty much the same, minus the price tag.

These can be paired with pretty much any outfit since black can be rocked with anything.
I wear them with skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, and even the tights & shorts combo!
They’re super comfortable, you forget you’re even wearing heels (no joke.) These give me a good 2.5 inches extra 🙂

What’s new with you? I’d love to hear/see it – share below or on my Facebook page!

Stay Maganda!<3

Forever Young

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!

Today’s outfit is a crop top from my friend’s graphics line — Sucksess and a high waisted shorts. To balance the darker tones, I added a pop of color with the pink belt.

The shirt – I’MMATURE – is a clever play on words for young adults who are still kids on the inside. I know that’s how I feel most of the time. I’m also one of those people who reminisces about her childhood often. How many of you also miss your childhood sometimes?

Definitely check out the website for some awesome graphic tees, tanks, stickers, and even hats. And just like every up & coming company, there will soon be more to come. They’re currently having a “Back to Cruel” sale so grab these hot items while they’re cheaper!

Also, continue to have a safe and happy Labor day weekend!!

What were/are your plans for the long weekend?

Stay Maganda!<3

*My affiliation with Sucksess is simply a good friend who offers to promote products. I do not get paid to promote. Anything I say about the merchandise is my truest and honest opinion.*

Back to Basics: Casual Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Did anyone else feel like this week was super long, even with the holiday – or is that just me?

Since it’s Friday, in most work places it’s “casual Friday” meaning that you can dress down your everyday work outfit. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a dictionary defining “dress down” in a way we can all understand and as a result, people often misinterpret the phrase.

Well, it really depends on where you’re working and the industry itself. If you work in corporate, jeans are a definite no. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the casual Friday. Check with your human resources department or one of your co-workers who’s been there longer to see what’s appropriate on casual Fridays. If you work in a creative industry, chances are that your dress code is much more liberal, but double-check just in case. The last thing you want is to be the talk of the office due to inappropriate work fashion.

Here’s my outfit of the day:

Today I’m working at the design company where the dress code is more liberal, so jeans are allowed. To still make it work appropriate, I went for a dark wash jean, and completed the casual outfit with a structured blazer and some jewelry.

The key to a good looking blazer is to make sure it’s fitted, but not too tight. The shape of this blazer curves inward at the waist and doesn’t cut off at the bottom, so it doesn’t give that boxy man shape you see in most blazers.

What are you wearing today?

Stay Maganda!<3