Half Moon Nails Tutorial

Hey everyone! Long time no post! I’ve gotten questions on how I accomplish “half-moon nails” & it’s actually not as hard as it seems. All you need is some loose leaf re-enforcers (like what we all used in elementary school), and two of your favorite colors.


-Two Nail Polishes
-Re-Enforcers (acts as stencil)

1) Paint first color (2 coats), apply top coat & wait to completely dry
2) Apply your stencil & align it to how you like it
3) Paint second color4) Peel off stencils while color is still wet

…And you’re done! Easy huh?

Let me know if you’d like more tutorials like this! Also, don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel with many more tutorials!Send me you’re half-moon nails below or post them on my Facebook page!

Enjoy, Good luck, & Stay maganda! ❤


Where have I been?

So during my hiatus not too much has changed, but I did make some new major purchases and have new styles due to the fall season. Let’s see….

Well, I cut my own hair which I’ve been doing for over a year now. Now I have bangs!

This look was cut & styled by yours truly.
The glasses were purchased from Style Suzi’s online store.  These have become my favorite accessory ever since I got them in the mail (about 2 weeks ago).
I usually rock bangs during colder months because my face doesn’t get as oily due to the drier air so the look is more low maintenance.

Here’s my OOTD from yesterday.

I actually wore my hair down the entire day, this was taken at the end of the day where I usually just throw my hair up in a messy bun.
Still cute though, huh? ~.^
I paired this look with a hooded leather jacket and my favorite wedge sneakers (see below).

These sneakers came sometime towards the end of last month. They resemble the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, and in my opinion they are pretty much the same, minus the price tag.

These can be paired with pretty much any outfit since black can be rocked with anything.
I wear them with skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, and even the tights & shorts combo!
They’re super comfortable, you forget you’re even wearing heels (no joke.) These give me a good 2.5 inches extra 🙂

What’s new with you? I’d love to hear/see it – share below or on my Facebook page!

Stay Maganda!<3

Give your hair a BOOST!

The way to boost flat, lifeless hair is to add waves to it.

Have STRAIGHT hair?
Use a curling iron or straightener to achieve beachy waves. Don’t forget the heat protectant!! Click here to see how to get waves with a straightener 🙂 To finish it off, apply pomade or wax or even sea-salt spray as this will help your style LAST (see below).

Already have WAVY/CURLY hair?
Use pomade, wax, or a wave-enhancing spray to scrunch hair up. This works best if done when hair is damp so the style will last.

Another option is to use a sea-salt spray. To make this DIY spray at home it’s simply 8 fl. oz of distilled or filtered water and 1 tsp. of sea-salt (for every 8fl.oz. added). Place this all in a handy, clean spray bottle and that’s it! If you want to add some scent, add 1/2 tsp of coconut conditioner or oil. This will help to counteract the dryness of the salt also.

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