Where have I been?

So during my hiatus not too much has changed, but I did make some new major purchases and have new styles due to the fall season. Let’s see….

Well, I cut my own hair which I’ve been doing for over a year now. Now I have bangs!

This look was cut & styled by yours truly.
The glasses were purchased from Style Suzi’s online store.  These have become my favorite accessory ever since I got them in the mail (about 2 weeks ago).
I usually rock bangs during colder months because my face doesn’t get as oily due to the drier air so the look is more low maintenance.

Here’s my OOTD from yesterday.

I actually wore my hair down the entire day, this was taken at the end of the day where I usually just throw my hair up in a messy bun.
Still cute though, huh? ~.^
I paired this look with a hooded leather jacket and my favorite wedge sneakers (see below).

These sneakers came sometime towards the end of last month. They resemble the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, and in my opinion they are pretty much the same, minus the price tag.

These can be paired with pretty much any outfit since black can be rocked with anything.
I wear them with skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, and even the tights & shorts combo!
They’re super comfortable, you forget you’re even wearing heels (no joke.) These give me a good 2.5 inches extra 🙂

What’s new with you? I’d love to hear/see it – share below or on my Facebook page!

Stay Maganda!<3


Long hiatus!

Hi everyone, I’m back!

I know I’ve been gone for quite some time now from the blogging scene. That’s because I started graduate school and have been swamped balancing that and a full time job. In my miniscule free time slots, I’ve been posting quick updates on my Facebook page and have become a super frequent Tweeter!

I definitely recommend following me on one of those (or better yet, both) as I still manage to get out those quick tips/tricks and you can also stay up to date with me in real time!

I have a bunch of things that are being edited or still waiting to be filmed/edited like:
-Specific product reviews (Filmed. Currently being edited)
-Favorite drugstore products (To be filmed.)
-Everyday face routine (Filmed. Currently being edited)
-Halloween makeup (To be filmed.)
-Eyeliner 101 (Filmed. Being edited.)
-Regretful purchases (To be filmed.)

These are all videos so I can revive my Youtube page once again. In the meantime, check out my latest video “Lazy nails“!

What would you like to see? Hair, Skincare tips, Product first impressions, makeup, nails?

Let me know on my Facebook page or leave me a comment below.

Remember beauties, Stay Maganda!<3

Myths Unveiled: “Long hair, don’t care”

This question has been heard among women (and men) who strive to have longer locks for a very long time. However, have you been following a mere myth or is it actually proven and true?


Hair grows faster and longer if you get it trimmed regularly.


Yes, this is a myth. Hair cannot grow longer physically if you are getting it trimmed often. Your hair grows (on average) 1/2 inch each month, and if you’re cutting off your hair every 6-8 weeks, of course you won’t seen any progress in growth because your hair is staying at the same length or starting at a shorter length (depending on how much you chopped off.)

Simple – hair will not grow faster if it is getting cut off. The speed it grows will remain the same as it was prior to trimming.

Clearing up the myth – They say to cut your hair to make it grow because trimming your hair will get rid of split ends. However, if you tend and baby your hair every single day, the amount of split ends you actually have will decrease immensely. So in the end you won’t need haircuts or trims as often.

So how can you grow your hair? Check out these tips on how to get longer locks.

Just remember ladies (and gentlemen), growing your hair takes time, depending on how long you want it to be. As long as you keep your hair healthy and are preventing breakage, you will notice less hair breaking off, leaving you with luscious, healthy, long hair!

Good luck & Stay Maganda<3

A Rekindled Passion

After a LONG hiatus, I’m finally filming again!

Here’s a screenshot of my rekindled passion — filming beauty videos 🙂

This is where my love for teaching future beauties what I know started and I took a long break from it. But now I’ve set a new goal for myself to continue making videos and bringing my ideas to life again.

Stay tuned!

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Stay Maganda!<3