Myths Unveiled: “Long hair, don’t care”

This question has been heard among women (and men) who strive to have longer locks for a very long time. However, have you been following a mere myth or is it actually proven and true?


Hair grows faster and longer if you get it trimmed regularly.


Yes, this is a myth. Hair cannot grow longer physically if you are getting it trimmed often. Your hair grows (on average) 1/2 inch each month, and if you’re cutting off your hair every 6-8 weeks, of course you won’t seen any progress in growth because your hair is staying at the same length or starting at a shorter length (depending on how much you chopped off.)

Simple – hair will not grow faster if it is getting cut off. The speed it grows will remain the same as it was prior to trimming.

Clearing up the myth – They say to cut your hair to make it grow because trimming your hair will get rid of split ends. However, if you tend and baby your hair every single day, the amount of split ends you actually have will decrease immensely. So in the end you won’t need haircuts or trims as often.

So how can you grow your hair? Check out these tips on how to get longer locks.

Just remember ladies (and gentlemen), growing your hair takes time, depending on how long you want it to be. As long as you keep your hair healthy and are preventing breakage, you will notice less hair breaking off, leaving you with luscious, healthy, long hair!

Good luck & Stay Maganda<3


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