7 tips for 7 days of healthy nails

With the latest trend being nail art and funky nail colors, it’s hard resist temptation to try them. But, the only way you’ll achieve nice looking nails is if you take care of them properly. I’ve gotten many compliments on my nails since I started doing them myself and some even mistaken them for being done professionally! I used to get my nails done at a salon in high school, but when I went to college, I wasn’t close to my trusted salon and started doing my nails myself. It later became therapeutic for me and is now one of my favorite stress relievers. No more salons for me!

Here are my 7 tips on achieving healthy looking nails:

1) Always wear a base coat.
A base coat is essentially a barrier protecting your nails from the harsh chemicals in the nail lacquer. Today there are so many kinds of base coats to choose from. Depending on your nail needs, choose accordingly whether it is to strengthen your nails or to grow your nails. If your nails are naturally strong and long, opt for a plain nourishing base coat. Your options are endless.
Myth buster: It’s said that putting on nail polish often can cause yellow nails due to lack of oxygen. This is FALSE! Your nails don’t need oxygen, just like your hair doesn’t need oxygen. Why? Because the surface is just dead cells. The only cause of yellow nails is the lack of base coat. When the nail lacquer touches the nail directly, your nail is exposed to the color and too much exposure will result in yellow nails. Simply use a base coat to avoid this.

2) Always wear gloves when doing the dishes
Although chemicals in dishwashing soap aren’t as harsh as they used to be, they’re still cleaning agents. Nails weaken in water, and exposing your nails to running water and dishwashing soap for an extended period of time will cause your nails to chip and even break. To help your nail color or art last longer, wear gloves!

3) Apply a cuticle oil/lotion often
Your cuticles are an important part of your nail as they help keep bacteria and harmful outsiders out. Also, caring for your cuticles will naturally make your nails appear nicer. Remember: If you go to a salon or if you do it yourself, NEVER cut your cuticles because your nails will dry out because they are being exposed essentially. Ask the manicureist to push them back instead.

4) File your nails properly
Don’t file your nails back and forth in such a rough manner. Your nails are made up just like your hair (Keratin and Vitamin E) and the ends of the nails are delicate, just like your hair, so treat it nicely. When filing your nails, file in one direction to prevent the nail from snagging in the middle.

5) Pay attention to nail shape
You really can choose any nail shape you want, but make sure to maintain it. A square or squoval (square/oval) shape are the ones that can last longer and withstand frequent breakage, compared to an oval or pointed nail shape. The oval and pointed nail shape are prone to breakage, but if you are careful and maintain the shape, you should be fine. Prepare to carry a nail file with you everywhere if you already don’t.
Keep in mind: Everyone’s nail is different, try to stay as close to your natural shape as possible for optimal results.

6) Apply top coat
Top coat is underestimated a lot of the time, but it can actually make a difference in how your nails look to others. The top coat will give your nails shine and seal the color, ultimately preventing chips. To help the nail color last, the trick is to reapply the top coat every 2 days. Since your hands are exposed all the time and are always touching or doing something, the chances of your nail color lasting for 7 days without an extra layer of top coat is slim, so simply reapply one coat every 2 days to keep up the look and shine.

7) Take care of yourself
The healthier you are, the healthier your nails are. If you are malnourished it will show in your skin, hair, and nails. Drink a lot of water and take your multi-vitamins. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet as well and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. In time, you’ll notice your nails becoming stronger and breaking less often.

…And you’re good to go!

What’s on your nails this week? Post a link or picture below!

Good luck & Stay Maganda!<3

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4 thoughts on “7 tips for 7 days of healthy nails

      • awww, well if your natural shape is oval, then stick with that. If you want to try a square then do a squoval…its inbetween. So you shouldnt clip the nail, just file it to that shape. see if that works, but if not embrace the oval, lol! πŸ™‚ Oval shaped nails naturally look longer so it’s nice.

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