Myths Unveiled: Face washing

Myth or Fact?
Washing your face more often will lead to acne-free, clear skin.



Over-washing your face is counter-productive because all of that scrubbing will lead to a drier face and that flawless look you were going for will cease to exist. When your face becomes overly dry, your skin starts to produce more oil, resulting in an even oilier face! If you suffer from acne, stick to washing your face twice daily using products made for your skin type. If you’re in your early teen years and are new to this, it will take some trial & error to get a proper routine going, but once you find it – don’t stop doing it if it’s working!

Washing your face is important and effective if done properly. Remember, too much of something is never a good thing.

So there you have it beauties, over-washing your face is counter-productive and leads to oily, dry skin.

What’s your skincare routine?

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Myths Unveiled: Hair Removal

I’m starting a new beauty series where I unveil common beauty myths or misconceptions and get down to the truth of them all.

Myth or Fact?
Shaving or waxing makes your hair grow back thicker and darker.



When you shave or wax, hair essentially is growing back shorter, giving it the appearance of thicker hair. The base of the hair is thicker than the tip and so it appears to be thicker once it starts growing back (similar to the hair on your head!) Notice how if you let the hair grow for a while, it appears thinner than when it first started growing? When you cut or pull the hair out, what starts surfacing is naturally going to be thicker since it is new hair, but that doesn’t mean your hair became thicker just because you removed it.

So there you have it beauties, shaving or waxing does not change the thickness or pigmentation of your hair.

Shaving, Waxing, Epilating, or a Depilatory – What’s your preference?

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Do you want longer locks?

Growing your hair can be the most tedious chore for us ladies. Those of you who yurn for longer hair have tried almost everything and often see  little results, right?

Truth is – there is no product in the world that can stimulate hair growth and unfortunately it really depends on your hair type and your genetics.

Straight hair grows slightly faster for the sole reason that it is straight. Wavy or Curly hair grows slower because it twists and coils around. Notice how when you curly lock girls comb your wet hair straight it appears longer?

So is there any trick or technique you can use? YES! The real trick is to prevent breakage on already grown hair AND to stimulate your scalp because well, that’s where all the new hair is coming from.

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