Summer secrets: Melt proof Makeup

It’s officially summer time meaning you’re going to be spending a lot more time in the sun. However, spending that much time in the sun doesn’t mean you need to give up on your makeup. Makeup doesn’t adapt to the seasons, you have to change your makeup depending on how your skin responds to weather changes. In the summer, your skin tends to be more oily, leading to more shine. The trick is using the right type of makeup.

If lipstick is too heavy for you, opt for a lip stain instead. You won’t have to worry about the color budging during the day and it will last a good few hours.

-To prevent eye makeup from running opt for waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Avoid from using eye pencils or crayons because those have a high tendency to smudge, even if you don’t rub your eyes.
-Use liquid eyeliner instead of pencil or gel, especially during those super hot days.  Now-a-days you can get liquid eyeliners that come in a pencil or marker form so it’s easier to apply.

-For your cheeks, don’t use cream or powder blush as those are more prone to melting. Use a cheek stain, which will give you a nice, subtle flush without the heaviness of a cream or powder.
-Use a mineral foundation, instead of a cream or liquid. The mineral powders are naturally dry and are much lighter on the skin. Cream or liquid foundations are too heavy and create a mask for your face, causing your skin to suffocate and in the heat, it will start to melt quicker.
-Don’t skip the primer. Primer, no matter the temperature, will help your makeup stay and reduce shine. Apply it before your foundation.

Remember: Less makeup is best in the summer, which is when the lighter, au natural look is cherished the most. You should let your skin breathe. I mean, the heat and sun is already enough for your skin, so don’t torture it more with unnecessary layers of makeup.

Have you melt proofed your makeup yet?

Stay cool & Stay Maganda!<3


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