My “Lazy nails”

For someone who’s always painting her nails, one wouldn’t suspect that I do get lazy doing it sometimes. However, lazy never equals sloppy in my book. Check out a quick and easy nail look you can achieve with your favorite glitter color. Here I used Essie’s Luxeffects in “A Cut Above”, which is actually pink glitter.

All you need is base coat, your favorite glitter polish, and top coat – that’s it! You paint half your nail and depending on how much glitter you want, you can go over it once or twice. I did it twice.

What’s do you do for your “lazy” nails?

Stay Maganda!<3


3 thoughts on “My “Lazy nails”

    • Aww thanks!! I consider this more “lazy” than one color because you don’t have to paint the whole nail and it’s only of half the nail. Clean up is also super easy because it’s glitter polish 🙂

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