Art Lesson: Complementary Contrasts

In art terms, complementary colors are colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel. They are called complementary colors because although they are opposite from each other, they go together harmoniously. When placed directly next to each other, these colors tend to “vibrate” (try it with color swatches from the paint section).

For the primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) their complementing colors are the secondary colors (Green, Violet, Orange).

Being a designer and an artist I have a knack for colors and I see colors in their entirety. If you point out any color to me I can tell you just how much of each color is mixed in and if you give me paint, I can replicate it. (Crazy huh?)

The traditional color combos are commonly seen anywhere colors are used – fashion, makeup, and nail trends.

For this week’s manicure, I wanted to display my love and understanding for color in the most basic of ways. Complementing them.

Using summer hues, I went with the Blue-Orange approach. What do you think?

You can try the same combination or experiment with other combinations like Red-Green or Yellow-Purple (Violet). If you don’t like to be limited to just primary/secondary colors, look at opposing colors in the color wheel and combine those. Have fun with it!

Good luck & Stay Maganda!<3


Wet Weather Hairstyles

New York, along with other parts of the East coast, has been hit with a series of humid weather, thunderstorms, and plain rain. On these days, trying out your latest sleek style may not be the brightest idea because you’re actually going against your hair’s chemistry.

When there are high levels of moisture in the air your hair naturally curls up aka, frizz. Even the straightest hair experiences frizzy hair. However, you don’t have to have a “bad hair day” on these days, just try a different approach.

Some hairstyles you can try to have yourself a good hair day are:
1) Tie your hair in a side ponytail. This classic look is very elegant and can match with just about any outfit. Dress it up with cute hair accessories like clips or headbands. For a little sass, add a hair scarf.

2) Sport the wavy hair. Beach waves or even the classic bed head waves are highly supported by humid and wet weather. This would be the perfect day to finally try out the hairstyle and you’ll notice that it will stay longer than on a dry day. For this look, spray on salt spray or use a pomade/wax and scrunch up your hair until you achieve the desired wavy look.
Check out this article to make your own salt spray or how to achieve the wavy look if you have stick straight hair.

3) Braid your hair. Braids are so versatile and can also be worn with any type of outfit and style. Any type of braid would suffice. My favorites are the Fishtail braid or the classic French braid. (Comment for a tutorial on either braid!)

What hairstyle do you wear on rainy days?

Stay Maganda!<3

Summer secrets: Melt proof Makeup

It’s officially summer time meaning you’re going to be spending a lot more time in the sun. However, spending that much time in the sun doesn’t mean you need to give up on your makeup. Makeup doesn’t adapt to the seasons, you have to change your makeup depending on how your skin responds to weather changes. In the summer, your skin tends to be more oily, leading to more shine. The trick is using the right type of makeup.

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Weekly nails: Sephora inspired

I was in Sephora the other day and came across their booklet with all these sweet nail trends to try. They even come with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the look. It was time for me to do my nails again and I decided to try one of their trends a try – the Nude nail.

Here’s the original:

And my spin-off:

This was probably one of the more time consuming designs I’ve done due to the super steady hand you need when doing this look. I wanted to make each nail slightly different from the next, but I still kept my personal favorite trend of making one nail totally different from the rest of the nail.

Nude nail colors are another hot trend for this season along with bright colors, neons, and pastels. Nude nails are a personal favorite of mine because they go with everything and are appropriate for every occasion! At least one nude color is an investment worth making.

What do you think of this look? What’s on your nails this week? 
If you’d like to see a tutorial, let me know in the comment box!

Stay Maganda!<3