All-nighters – before, during, after

All-nighters. Many of us have pulled one at least once, if not many more times. Being a college student, all-nighters are necessary to complete projects, papers, studying – you name it. The time that all-nighters tend to sky-rocket is during midterms and finals week.

For those of you following me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (@kelx0) – you know I’ve been pulling all-nighters this past week. However, you probably couldn’t tell because of the tricks I use to look awake with little sleep. There really is an art to dealing with late nights/all-nighters.

These types of nights don’t discriminate. You can encounter them in high school and as an adult with a career as well. So how do you handle them?

When you anticipate having to stay up later than usual or not sleeping at all, prepare yourself. Make sure you have water or tea, gum can help some people, a nice study playlist (if you like music), and an outline of what you are going to do and how. Find a comfortable (but not too comfortable) spot and start working!

The body is not meant to stay up all night so feeling groggy and fatigued is to be expected. Your body needs sleep to regenerate itself. A way to combat this is to organize what needs to be done and split it into sections. When you are done with one section, take a 15-20 minute nap. These “power-naps” will give you a natural boost.

Do not drink energy drinks. Although these quick fixes seem tempting, they do devastating damage to your body and with the combination of not sleeping, you are actually harming yourself more than helping. What energy drinks contain are chemicals to trick your brain into panic mode (when you feel suddenly awake). It’s one of the survival methods your body has, but doing this the wrong way can harm your body. For starters, your heart is pumping at a rate it doesn’t need to since your are just working. Finally, these sugar filled drinks cause you to crash and you’re below square 1.

Get up and stretch/move if you need too. Staying in one position for too long can actually cause sores since your blood isn’t pumping effectively in certain areas.

Your skin will probably look like velvet and your eyes will probably be red or puffy. Splash your face with cold water to refresh it and apply moisturizer. For puffy eyes, use an eye de-puffer or wrap an ice pack/ice cube in a protective wrapping and hold it on one eye for about 5 seconds and switch. This will take the swelling down.

If you wear makeup:
Apply white eye-pencil on the inner waterline on the bottom and inner corners. This will open up your eye making you look more awake. Curl your lashes to “open the curtains” to your eyes, and if needed conceal any dark circles. (Optional) Apply a highlighting powder to the bridge of your nose, chin, and apples of your cheeks. Insta-shine!

How often do you have to pull an all-nighter?

Stay Maganda!<3


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