Weekly nails: Timeless dots

My nails for this week were partially inspired from a drawing technique called stippling.

“Stippling” is a drawing technique when many dots are used to create a picture. Although I didn’t quite create a picture on my nails, I was using the same technique to achieve this look. Several dots to create a semi-solid space, and less dots at a smaller size when I moved down the nail. It was fairly time consuming doing the dots but it worked out in the end since I ended up with such a unique design. I decided to use classic colors like black & white because the combination is timeless and it goes with just about everything. What do you think of this look? Would you like to see a tutorial?

What’s on your nails this week? Leave a comment or pic below!

Stay Maganda!<3


Reversing your dry hair just got easier

How many of you have heard of Wen cleansing conditioner? Tried it? Haven’t because it’s too expensive?

I wanted to try it since I first saw it on the infomercial, but didn’t solely because of the commitment I would have to make financially. I also didn’t want to get hooked on it and then end up having to shell out $40 a month, especially with my unpredictable income as a new college graduate.

When I heard L’Oreal created their own cleansing conditioner as part of their famous ever care line, I will be honest, I was skeptical. However, I have tried their EverStrong line in the past and it worked well for me, so after reading some reviews I bought the L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner.

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The Forgotten Friday

Here are some forgotten items that I never wrote blog entries about, but wanted to share with you nonetheless.

This is a nail look I did about two weeks ago, before the nude one. Chanel is my favorite luxury brand. What’s yours?

These are my current favorite arm candies. I’ve been rocking them almost every day, especially the yin yang & flower bracelet as they have special meanings to me. What’s your favorite accessory to wear?

This was my outfit of the day two days ago (wednesday) which is a crop top & a high-low skirt + some major arm candy. I’m wearing a button necklace that a friend made for me & my hair is in beachy waves, since it is almost summer!

If you follow me on instagram (@kelx0) then you’ve already seen these pics. However, I wanted to share them with those who don’t follow me or don’t have instagram at all.

Stay Maganda on this lovely Friday! ❤

Faded Nails

Yesterday I attempted one of the hottest nail trends – “Ombre nails”. This gradient/faded effect has been seen all over the beauty world for months, and it’s actually not as hard as you may think. My favorite part is the versatility of this look and how it doesn’t have to be so perfect, the more blended, the better. You can also use all kinds of colors to create different looks. Next I will try a complementary look using opposite colors.

This is my attempt at the nail trend using dark to light blues. What do you think?

Have you tried the “ombre nails” trend yet? If you would like to see a tutorial on how to get this look leave a comment below.

Stay Maganda!<3

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