Fashion Friday!

Hey everyone!

So sorry for my long hiatus, this week has been super super hectic for me. But now I’m back!!

To start I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Friday! And to celebrate I thought I’d show you my “casual Friday” outfit. Keep in mind, this is not a work outfit. It’s casual in terms of everyday/school/shopping/etc.

Panda crop top. AE Jeans. Brown woven belt.
Black loose blazer.  Ballet flats. &Finger candy.

For those who don’t know, I adore pandas. I just think they’re so cute and so it really was a matter of time until I bought a panda shirt (it’s my only one too). This particular shirt actually donates to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), so you can be fashionable and help out a good cause. As for me, this is my only animal tee, however, they have been growing on me and I’m ready to purchase a couple more perhaps.

What do you think of animal tees? Love or hate them?

Stay Maganda! ❤


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