1-step skin care products

For those of us who claim we don’t have time to take care of our skin properly I recommend these products for you!

These towelettes are easy to use and are the perfect product for these people:
-Too busy to properly care for your skin
-Unsure of which skincare products to use
-On the go
-Frequent traveler

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This week’s nails!

Here we are a week later and my nails are done up once again!

essie nail lacquer in devil's chocolate,
mint candy apple, and blanc

Polka dots are another nail trend this season! Would you believe me if I said this was my first time attempting this look? It’s so much easier than I thought. I decided to put a twist to it by having the pinky nail different instead of the middle/ring fingers. I wanted to try something different from my usual one or two colored nails, what do you think?

Have  you tried dotted nails? What’s your favorite nail trend?

Stay Maganda! ❤

What’s on my nails this week?

As we know, most nail polishes can last about a week if cared for properly. So since a week has passed, here I am with a fresh new manicure!

essie nail lacquer in "lapiz of luxury" //
forever 21's love&beauty nail polish in "gold"

My boyfriend said it reminded him of a beach (ocean blue with golden sand) so I’d like to call this look Oceanic Luxury. What do you think of the combination?

What’s on your nails this week? Leave a comment or better yet, pictures!

Stay maganda! ❤

L’Oreal Color Riche Balm

Lipstick butters & balms are really becoming the next best thing. Revlon started the trend in drugstores with their Colorburst lip butters. Now L’Oreal with their Color Riche Balms.

I made my first purchase yesterday because I was curious how it matched up with the Lip Butters. As you know (or may not know) I adore the Revlon Lip Butters, I even named it my favorite all-purpose lipstick!

After trying these Color Riche Balms, I’ve found that they work pretty much the same as the Revlon Lip butters. These have an SPF 15, Argan Oil, Rose Oil, and Shea butter. They are very hydrating, but aren’t pigmented like the Revlon Lip butters.

They claim to last 8hrs, but it doesn’t for me. I pretty much reapply after eating or drinking anything. The moisture, however, DOES last a really long time. I don’t need any type of balm when I wear this, and I realized that even after I removed it my lips were still very soft. The color is a sheer tint, and is because it is actually more of a balm than a lipstick (hence the name.)

The color I got was in Caring Coral and it pretty much matches my lip color exactly because it’s so sheer. But it pairs great with my everyday eye makeup, so this is my new favorite everyday lip wear. Continue reading