Dark circles anyone?

This is my go-to product for dark circles. Being a college student, sleepless nights are pretty much unavoidable sometimes. The Garnier anti-dark circle roller has made dark circles a thing of the past for me AND to make it better – it’s a drugstore product!

Who says you need expensive creams and tons of concealer to rid your under eye mishaps?

I started using this in the middle of the summer, and haven’t stopped since. Better yet, a little goes a long way. All you have to do is roll it on and dab to blend it using your finger or a brush. The change is practically instant and it’s sheer so it doesn’t look like you caked on some makeup.

The downside is that it comes only in one shade and it’s pretty light. I have tan skin (NC30 in MAC, or “Tan” in Pur Minerals) and it works well with me because it’s sheer and blends perfectly but I think if you’re darker it won’t match the skin tone correctly. You always want to aim for a slightly lighter color when targeting your dark circles because well, it needs to be lighted up more than the rest of your skin. That’s why this color works perfect for me.

Some other perks are that it has caffeine (wakes your eyes up), lemon essence (brightens the area), and minerals (treats). I love this product and I don’t see myself switching anytime soon.

Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts?

Stay maganda! ❤

**Disclaimer** I am not getting paid or sponsored to review this product. I bought this with my own money and these are my honest opinions.


10 thoughts on “Dark circles anyone?

  1. I have used this in the past but I find that it didn’t do too much for my dark circles… and then I tried the YSL Touche Eclat… and it’s not THAT much better… so I think after I’m done with my YSL one I’m going to go back to this, since it’s much more affordable! (And since it seems nothing will cover my dark circles…)

    • Hi Angel!
      Do you know what the source of your dark circles are (allergies, rubbing your eyes too much, puffy eyes, etc)? The Garnier anti-dark circle roller isn’t meant for extreme dark circles. I realized that from days when my dark circles are just terrible bc of allergies. Try to target the main source first. A good tip is to use the old fashion cucumber trick bc its cooling and refreshing to the delicate eye area. Freaks with cucumber extract are good too! Let me know how it works for you 🙂

      • I have absolutely no idea where my dark circles come from LOL. I doubt it’s allergies though… since it’s always been like this.. and they don’t go away even if I sleep a bunch… Gahhh I wish I knew!

        I might have to give that cucumber trick a try sometime! I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

      • Sleep actually has nothing to do with the cause of dark circles (I learned this recently) but it can affect how resistant and healthy the skin is around your eyes (which is very delicate), so that’s where the misconception comes in.

        Let me know how the cucumber trick works for you! I’ve learned that the trick is to refresh and moisturize because you really just want to make the skin around that area healthier 🙂

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