Flashback Friday: Bold lips & Neutral eyes

It’s Friday!!! So here’s another flashback video I filmed last Spring. The thing I love about spring is that the trends don’t really change too much so you can pretty much use the same look and it’ll still be just as fresh.

Do you sport the bold lip look? What are your favorite colors to go bold with?

Good luck & Stay maganda! ❤


All purpose Lipstick

Balm, Color, Gloss. This is the routine most ladies go through every day, me included. One of the ways I’ve cut down my makeup routine in the morning is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters.

I remember when they first came out, they were sold out almost everywhere because it became so popular so fast! However, once I finally got my hands on one I understood why they were so popular. These really are all-purpose lipsticks – balm, color, gloss – all in one!

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Dark circles anyone?

This is my go-to product for dark circles. Being a college student, sleepless nights are pretty much unavoidable sometimes. The Garnier anti-dark circle roller has made dark circles a thing of the past for me AND to make it better – it’s a drugstore product!

Who says you need expensive creams and tons of concealer to rid your under eye mishaps?

I started using this in the middle of the summer, and haven’t stopped since. Better yet, a little goes a long way. All you have to do is roll it on and dab to blend it using your finger or a brush. The change is practically instant and it’s sheer so it doesn’t look like you caked on some makeup.

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Tip of the day: Hair

If you suffer from damaged/dry/over processed hair, then you need to come up with a new hair regime!

Some products that can help are:
-Oils (Argan, Coconut, Almond, etc.)
-Products with “keratin” in it (restores hair from the inside)
-deep conditioners
-hair masks
-de-tangler comb (glides through wet hair without tugging at knots/snags)

You hair is very sensitive and too much heat, styling, or even brushing can seriously damage your hair over time. Baby your hair with a mask/deep conditioner once a week (twice if it’s extremely damaged) and soon you will see it looking sleek and healthy again.

Keep in mind: Wet hair is WEAKER than dry hair. So when you get out of the shower, comb your hair with a de-tangler comb instead of a brush and it will minimize split ends.

Good luck & Stay maganda ❤